Nord VPN Vs IPVanish — Who Has the Win?

Both totally free VPN offerings – NordVPN vs IPVanish – claims to offer the best option for your surfing privacy. And they’re both totally free… and both have nothing to show it! And even though I was assessment both, I noticed that IPVanish sometimes would show as many as several different IP addresses at the time you refreshed it is web page. That happened although it was upgrading its webpage. Therefore that’s a a valuable thing… but NordVPN always confirmed only one resolve.

But which is really better? Well, in my opinion, both absolutely free VPNs present comparable degrees of speed and security, but IPVanish is inclined becoming a little quicker. Both VPNs provide great coverage of their chosen platforms, but the one which offers the better velocity and larger bandwidth tends to border out the competition slightly. Inside the graphic listed below you’ll see that both decided on a dedicated web server from Denmark with IPVanish app, however there were virtually no speed variances at all:

That’s the good news. Unhealthy news is that the two still have major drawbacks. Whilst NordVPN provides a no-logs insurance policy, IPVanish does not. And while the no-logs policy makes it harder for people to track your activity, it also makes it much harder for the network being properly watched. If you’re preparing to use both of these VPN services, I’d personally recommend sticking with the best an individual: NordVPN.

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